what we are open to

submission guidelines

  • creative writing

  • creative arts, including digital art and music

  • research abstracts

  • *in-depth* articles of an advanced (not high-school level) STEM topic

  • any other creative medium! just send it in and we'll take a look :)

we are open to simultaneous submissions, and please give us at least a week or two to get back to you. if it's been more than three weeks, feel free to send us a query.

we ask that if we denied your work, wait at least 2 weeks before submitting again.

our submissions are open year-round and any work not in our upcoming issue will simply be reconsidered for the next one.

submission requirements

how to submit

poetry: at most 5 poems 

prose: at most 3 pieces

visual art: at most 5 pieces

articles: at most 2 pieces

research abstracts: at most 3 pieces

to submit, email us at with the following body text:

  1. name (if you are in high school or university, name of school + year)

  2. a PDF (ONLY PDFs) file of your work

  3. a third-person biography